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Ina and Fred have a unique vision of their profession.

They have created their own technique. It has taken many years to obtain this perfection in haircutting. It's the result of constantly searching for better techniques, new forms and ideas which are easier to do at home for their clients and give less work each morning. Fred & Ina have regularly visited exhibitions in London, Paris and Amsterdam. So they have seen many different techniques of haircutting and colouring. They "picked out" the best ideas, tried them all out at home and have kept the good things.

This method isn't new: Fred & Ina have already worked for 30 years successfully in this way. Often they have cut certain hairstyles long before they came into fashion. Both for the young ones and the less young.

With this special way of working they are able to make many different effects:

they can create beautiful natural hairstyles, but also the most extreme way-out styles. That of course depends on your wishes and personality. Especially as there are no strict fashion-rules these days. You can wear whatever style of clothes or hairstyle you wish, as long or as short as you prefer.

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