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At P'tits Ciseaux they have a specific philosophy. That's why they cut and treat your hair differently.

Fred & Ina don't make those beautiful "hair-do's" with each little tuft of hair put exactly in its place by blowdrying, rollers, spray and so on. They prefer natural falling hair that gives as little work as possible each morning: wetting, combing and ready ...

This way of working is possible when you accept and use your natural movement instead of fighting against it by forcing it with blow-drying, brushes or other tools.

By washing your hair at home in a different manner, you will improve its health.

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That's why Fred and Ina explain to their clients while cutting what is the best way to treat their hair at home. This is often exactly the opposite of what you read in magazines and how hairstylists generally do it.

Oh no, no exaggeration, in the salon of P'tits Ciseaux they have already worked for years in this way and it's not just for  people with beautiful hair ... .

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