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Just as the name indicates you are here with specialists in hair-cutting and colouring. In this salon they don't do "hair-do's":

no longer a "stiff helmet of hair ", running home, hoping not to meet any friend, washing your hair as soon as possible ...

Fred & Ina take their time with a client and simply use a pair of very small scissors for a nice precise haircut, a comb and their fingers. They use the implantation, curls, crowns, the straightness of your hair, instead of fighting against all these. While cutting they give you lots of good advice about how to do your hair at home.

In this way a blowdry is not necessary after cutting, neither are rollers or anything else.

The hair has a natural look, modern and vibrant. Not stiffly styled and not too much work in the morning: just wet or wash it, comb it, maybe put in a little bit of gel or cream and that's it!

Their way of working is possible for all kinds of hair: thick, thin,lot or a little, long, short, with or without curls.

So it's right for your hair too ...

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