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The most important thing in hairstyling is the way in which your hair is cut.

Fred and Ina have a very exact way of working, taking all the time they need for each client. They shape your hair with very small scissors to get the most precise cut, a comb and their fingers. After cutting, blowdrying or rollers are not necessary. Everything will be done to protect your hair with the result that at home, after washing your hair will dry naturally in the shape they obtained with their little scissors and fingers.goed geknipt

Before cutting or even shampooing, they will fully discuss with you what you would like to have: to keep it long or maybe much shorter or another hairstyle. They look at and work with the natural movements, the structure and possibilities of the type of hair, instead of fighting against it. They will not hesitate to discourage you from an unsuitable cut.

In this way they create a completely individual hairstyle that suits the person.

That can be a beautiful natural effect, or the opposite: raw and wild, or an original look with long wisps or dreadlocks, or even avantgarde with special forms and colours.

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